In 1875, in the Nicolet property where they grow cereals and olive trees, the first vines are planted on one hectare. 

From 1912 to 1919, Joseph Nicolet, passionate winemaker, is expanding its vineyard acres. 

In 1924 he presents its red wines 'GRAND NICOLET' the exposure of the top comtat products. He graduated with honor. 

In 1926, creation of the cellar Nicolet (the oldest rastellain chai. The three children joseph working on the property. Cereal crops are abandoned and the planting of vines progress (Grenache and Carignan. 

The marriage of a girl Nicolet, will not the 'cave Nicolet-Leyraud' and until 1982, the property will be operated GFA and Maurice Bernard Leyraud The brothers have always worked on the family farm. 

In 1982, they form a GAEC The property has an area of thirty hectares and the wines are marketed under the name 'Domaine Grand Nicolet'. 

In 1999 retirement arrived to the two brothers. Jean-Pierre Bertrand, by his marriage with a daughter Leyraud discovered viticulture in 1989.Il is invested in the work of the vine and wine. It creates a EARL Bernard Leyraud, heir to the family tradition.

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