A building and 12 hectares of old vines bought in December 1978 by Philippe Laurent and Michèle Aubéry-Laurent in Montbrison.

The entire production will be vinified from the first year and in 1979 the first bottles of which the vintage of Ceps Centenaires.

Over time, plantations have expanded the area of the vineyard and in 1999 acquired several plots (4.5 hectares) on the terr oir Vinsobres. 
After the accidental death of Philippe at the end of 1999, Michèle chose to continue the adventure alone.

Maxime-François, one of the three children, joined her at Gramenon in 2006 and also set up a small wine-making business. 
In 2007, the purchase of a plot of land on the Valréas high plateau brought the total surface area to 26 hectares.

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