The place where is built the Domain contains many mysteries ... It was built near the traces of an old castle of the Middle Ages of which there are only a few stones. It is said that the estate was formerly attached to the Seigneurerie de Fougères: another castle built and rebuilt between the 11th and 14th century. A very beautiful castle that can be visited. It is also said that this place served as a place of justice. Does not his name Salvard or Salvert mean "salvation"?  Around 1900 our grandfather, Maurice Delaille, bought "Le Salvard", Estate located in the town of Fougères sur Bièvre. He modernizes it, restores it little by little and replanting the vine. Later, his son Gilbert and his wife Lise take over.
Over the years, the farm grew from 10 hectares of vines in 1965, to 30 hectares in 1993, to reach 40 hectares of this precious crop. The young "bosses" Emmanuel and Thierry, of the 5th generation continue the work with love passion and maintain this knowledge.

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