In 1994 the Cripps family - Robert and Kim, and Robert’s retired parents, Dick and Ann - bought this 66 hectare domaine.

Robert began working in the wine trade in Oxford and later in London in the 1980’s. He became interested in wine-making when he took summer vacation to work harvest in Napa Valley in California.

After finishing his degree from London School of Economics, Robert went back to California to work for Saintsbury, Carneros Creek, Murphy Goode and finally as assistant winemaker at Peter Michael Winery. Kim worked 10 years in Napa Valley for Beringer, Clos du Bois and Sterling Vineyards/Seagram in senior financial management.

After a year of rain and part-time work in Burgundy, Robert and Kim began looking for a place in the sun and found Domaine du Poujol in the Languedoc region. The area was beginning to change from producing wine in large quantity and low quality and the potential of the domaine was waiting to be fully realised.

Since 1994 Robert and Kim have become part of the local winemaking community, and are using their experience and the best French winemaking traditions to develop the domaine. Languedoc, with Provence, is the oldest winemaking area in France, dating back to Greek settlers on the coast in the 6th century BC, and historically, culturally, and gastronomically, it is open to influences from the wider Mediterranean world.

We are a member of the organisation “Vigneron Independant”, representing winegrowers who grow, vinify and bottle their own production at the domaine.

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