Land of bubbles... at hillsides Fleche_bas It all began 3 generations ago: Omer Delmas grows 3 ha of vineyards which he has himself inherited from his father. Bernard, his son, a former cook, perpetuates and develops this familial tradition. Our familial estate is situated in the Haute Vallée Terroir, at the heart of the charming village of Antugnac. Its geographic situation with exceptional weather conditions is ideal for the production of the famous bubbles of Limoux, blanquette and crémant, that the winemakers of the Limoux area make with passion since several centuries. It is the very same passion that has allowed us to evolve with boldness and to take up the challenges of an independent production. As early as 1986, we decided to convert the totality of our vineyard into an organic agriculture, and this until today. In less than 30 years, our familial estate, driven by Bernard and Marlène and then with the help of the whole team, has seen a very important development in terms of surface of the vineyards, range of products and modernization of the production tools. Today, it represents 31 hectares of vineyard and around 160 000 bottles per a year sold in France and Abroad.

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