In 1874, Hyppolite Jourdan, winemaker since Bacchus, declared his 28-hectare homestead "Clos Chante Cigale" (vineyard of the singing cicada).

In 1938, when presented the designation of AOC under the governance of my great-grandfather, Paul Jourdan, Clos became "Domaine Chante Cigale."

Throughout the seasons, generations of lovers of the earth and sun have extended the property to more than 45 parcels of the best terriors of Chateauneuf-du-Pape:

Boucou, Gallimardes, Pignan, Cote de l'Ange, Tresquoy, Cabrieres, Pied Long Calada, Bois Dauphins ...

Each year, in order to optimize the maturity of the thirteen varieties grown on all the plots, there are no fewer than six weeks of manual harvesting that provide the magic wine of Domaine Chante Cigale.

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