Ours is a family estate in the very heart of the Beaujolais region, that spreads over around 27 hectares (66.5 acres), shared between several appellations, .

1978: Just qualified from viticultural collage, Noël bought a little over 4 hectares of Beaujolais Villages vines while continuing to work on his parents' estate.

1982: He started to sell his wine direct (2000 bottles) and only went to work at his parents' from time to time.

Little by little, Evelyne's grandparents (Chiroubles), then Noël's parents (Morgon, Beaujolais Villages) and finally Evelyne's parents (Morgon) started to ease off work and gave us their vines to sharecrop (where the harvest is shared) to start with, then rented us the land.

2002: restructuring of the estate, we sold the vineyards that were the furthest away (22 kms) to buy the same appellation on our commune as well as a plot of Beaujolais Blanc.
At that time the estate covered 10 hectares…..
Our son, Loïc, graduated from his vine and wine studies. He worked as a vine labourer on another estate for 2 years.

2004: In his turn, Loïc set us in his own right; working 1.70 hectares (4.2 acres) of Moulin à Vent and 60 ares (1.5 acres) of Chénas both renting the land and sharecropping as well as being salaried on our estate.

2005: Father and son joined forces and formed a company. The two estates became one, with 2 managers, Loïc and Noël, and one 'multi-function' employee, Evelyne.

The estate had then to get more vineyards for the company to work correctly and to meet our loyel customers' requirements.

2010: Conversion to organic

Today, in 2013, the estate is made up of

7.60 ha (18.8 acres) of Morgon

1.20 ha (3 acres) of Chiroubles

1.20 ha (2.95 acres) of Beaujolais Villages

2.35 ha (5.8 acres) of White Beaujolais

3.85 ha (9.5 acres) of Beaujolais

0.60 ha (1.5 acres) of Chénas

2.40 ha (5.9 acres) of Moulin à Vent

7.30 ha (18 acres) of Fleurie

Giving a total of around 27 hectares (66.5 acres), with a little over a third owned by us.

Today, the estate sells the equivalent of around 70 000 bottles (bottles and wine boxes)

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