Once upon a time, and again and again, Rob, Kathleen, Lars, Brianna, and Dustin gathered around the old kitchen table and dreamed of starting a business that would allow them to work together as a family.

The business would be guided by the qualities of wisdom, wit, and kindness, rooted in the community that had nurtured them all their lives, and dedicated to producing goodness.

After a world-wide search, they found their brewmaster, Michael, who shared their quest for excellence and elegance and also had deep roots in Santa Cruz.

They each brought their own gifts to the table, and Discretion Brewing was born.

For millenia, that most ancient and jolly of beverages has been drawing people together, encouraging them to share their stories and to find comfort and refreshment in each other. That's why we brew and what we hope our beer does for you.

When science and art are skillfully wedded, delicious consistency, clean balance, and exciting flavors and aromas result.

We respect tradition but are not constrained by it. Irrespective of style, all Discretion beers have a recognizable, essential quality that draws people to them.

Elegant. Organic. Solar-powered. Brewed with love.

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