Drinking beer close to where it’s brewed gives us a better product and does right by the local economy and environment. From bag of grain to pint glass, making beer is our passion, and sharing our product with you is at the heart of what we do. Only two years ago, none of this would have been possible in Montgomery County, MD, so we worked with government and community leaders to remove unnecessary, prohibition-era barriers, enabling an expansion in local beer production and distribution.

There’s no craft beer type; craft beer belongs to all of us. We welcome beer fans to our two-story taproom and spacious beer garden seven days a week. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and we get to know our guests’ four legged friends. From partnering with the University of Maryland to grow yeast strains, to giving our used grains to Montgomery County farmers, to hosting fundraisers for local non-profits, we are a community-based company.

In addition to brewing our beer in downtown Silver Spring, MD, we carry Maryland products whenever possible, including locally produced wine, mead, and cider. We also work with US companies for all of our merchandise so we can provide a higher quality product while supporting other US businesses.

Just Wine partners with the finest bars, restaurants, wineries and retailers from around the world!