Dee is from Venezuela; she has 3 kids of 15, 11 and 10 years old and since she moved to Canada people ask her what she does to stay fit, especially after having the kids. The answer? Lots of determination, patience, and the power of transformation from your mind all the way to your body.

Transformation has been her favorite word since she discovered why she is so happy and passionate about fitness personal training.

It is because she loves and enjoys transforming people’s lives and focusing on the body, mind and soul , through exercise, workout programs, and other activities to keep them moving. Dee believes that she can transform people’s bodies by creating connections with their minds and souls.
While she discovers more about the participants and about the transformations throughout their minds and bodies, she feels more excited to become part of their journeys to healthier lifestyles.

Essentially, Dee believes that she can change many lives by promoting being in harmony with our bodies, minds, and souls. Dee is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles that are in harmony with our environment.

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