Dauvergne Ranvier is the result of two wine lovers who, after a rich professional experience within some of France’s most important wine production companies, decided to create their own wines.

When one asks how it all began, François Dauvergne most often responds that “his roots are half in Bordeaux where he grew up and half in the soils of Saint-Polycarpe, next to Limoux, where his family had vines”.  He then branched out to the Rhône Valley where he has been for the past 15 years of his career in wine.  

As a child, Jean-François Ranvier made his parents blush more than once.  In fact, when invited to family friends homes for dinner, little Jean-François couldn’t stop himself from breathing in rhe aromas in the house and detailing them out load…no matter the quality of the menu.  Amateur geologist, he finally chose enology after having earned an agronomist degree.  After having directed an enology lab he then took over vinification for a major negociant house in the Rhône Valley.  It was here that he would meet and work with François Dauvergne.

In 2004 Dauvergne and Ranvier would leave together to live their dream:  create their own wines, thus making their winery one of the most recognized in the Rhône Valley.

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