Danzante is a collection of contemporary Italian wines intended for the enjoyment of “la dolce vita.” They express both passion and style which are essential to the Italian lifestyle. The name Danzante, Italian for dancing, captures what you will experience with these wines: a feeling of enjoyment, celebration and most of all, being in touch with your senses.

The Danzante wines can be enjoyed by wine drinkers of all levels. With elegant aromas and rich fruit flavors, they offer a variety of styles, typically Italian, that compliment almost any occasion. From the light and fresh personality of Pinot Grigio, delightful as an apertivo, to the balanced and smooth Prosecco, to the intense and delicate Moscato, to the velvety and complex style of Merlot, ideal with your pasta, to the fragrant and ruby red Toscana Rosso, perfect for rich stews, and the balanced and complex Chianti with its persistent fruit flavors.

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