The innovative and trend-setting Club quickly became the standard of excellence offering world-class service, dining and fitness. DAC was the premier club for athletic training and fitness. As golf became increasingly popular, DAC could not resist the chance to add the game of golf to its sports repertoire. To solve this dilemma, the Board of Directors leased Glen Lakes Country Club in 1944, providing members with their own golf course. In 1954, the peak of the Baby Boom Era, America was changing rapidly. The Supreme Court ruled race-based segregation in schools to be unconstitutional, Sports Illustrated debuted, and the song Mr. Sandman was at the top of the charts. While the culture was changing, so to was the Dallas Athletic Club. City expansion and construction of Central Expressway forced the Club to make a difficult decision—it was then the 317 acre beautiful tract of what used to be farmland was purchased. 

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