Creekside has been doing its premium thing on the Niagara Peninsula since 1998, when owner Laura McCain jumped at the opportunity to pursue a growing passion for wine, purchasing a 15-acre vineyard and winery on Fourth Avenue near Jordan, ON. Early on, the darlings of the Creekside portfolio were, like the people who created them, a little outside of the mainstream fold. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, despite being viticulturally off-kilter for the region at that time, showed particular promise and the altogether rosy outlook inspired further investment in the winery’s facilities.

Creekside’s portfolio is the story of a winery that refuses to be pigeon-holed. Across varietals, styles, and vintages, Creekside wines continue to garner critical acclaim and accolades from peers and industry professionals alike. As a testament to the consistency of the winemaking team and the strength of the bottled product, several nominations for Canadian Winery of the Year have been awarded by various authorities at home and abroad. In a brief 10 years, Creekside Estate Winery has assembled a formidable mix of winemaking know-how and sales and marketing savvy.

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