What started as a dry plot of land restored from its World War II bomb-tests, has grown to over 1100 acres of quality wine grapes at Coyote Canyon Vineyard. At the time, a vineyard was the furthest thing from George Smith’s mind. George partnered with his son-in-law, Bob Andrews and after years of laboring over unforgiving, dry land with meager wheat yields brought the family to drill their first well in 1953. By 1974, Bob’s son, Mike, returned to the farm where the chief products were irrigated wheat and Hereford cattle. Mike had a passion for cattle, and spent the next 25 years raising Herefords and growing various irrigated crops. In 1994, the first 20-acre plot was Cabernet Sauvignon along a gentle southern slope in the middle of the family property. The vineyard grew slowly, but steadily, over the years, edging out wheat, grass, watermelons, corn, and a variety of other crops. In 2006, Mike’s son, Jeff, joined the business, bringing with him both business and legal experience. Since then, the vineyard has over doubled in size, expanding to over 1100 acres of the best grape-growing acres in the Horse Heaven Hills. In 2006, Mike Andrews added Coyote Canyon Winery to the long list of accomplishments. The dedication to the land and attention to detail has produced more than 25 internationally awarded wines. Please join us in our tasting room as we offer you a bit of history along with our premier wine tasting menu. 

 A family trip to Israel in 1985 stirred a revelation within him. The trip was intended as a connection to his personal faith, as he visited the Holy Land and the site of Jesus’ crucifixion at Golgotha, more commonly known as Calvary. What he didn’t expect was a connection to the land itself and his own land. The smell of the agriculture, the shape of the clouds, the color of the sky, the barren rolling hills—but most of all, the faithful, hardworking people.

It was this trip that inspired him to construct the three crosses (Tres Cruces) as a testament of a lifetime of blessings he has received. They are built from 10-inch tubular steel and range from 45 to 50 feet tall. They are located on the crest of a south-facing slope that is now the center of Coyote Canyon Vineyard, representing his faith as the center of his life.

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