Golden wines. A bouquet of awards

There is this place with sunny hills where refined liquors are flowing down the valleys, carrying the love of the vine growers and their history. A place where one can read its value and history in a glass of wine.
Hundreds of years of tradition crown the foretime of these wines with a collection of countless national and international awards. Since the first steps outside the borders, during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the Cotnari wine, won the supreme distinction. Back then, it was Grasa de Cotnari, the most precious from its vineyard, that received the award. Furthermore, this wine variety has been awarded over time more than 50 medals at international wine contests and also a few other dozens at national competitions.
Grasa de Cotnari later became the Romanian golden wine, highly appreciated by its consumers, who value this wine as the best among inland wines in a recent survey regarding the most representative Romanian brands in 2010.
Nevertheless, the other wine varieties from Cotnari are also very well appreciated. Francusa, Feteasca Albaand Tamaioasa Romaneasca have all delighted the taste buds of the wine tasters, receiving awards, reckoning and a little bit of envy from the other winemakers.
“We won over 150 medals in different contests around the world during the last 10 years.”
Through its wines made from authentic Romanian grape varieties, Cotnari brought its contribution to consolidate Romania’s reputation as one of the elite winemakers in the world.

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