‘Gazelle la Goelette’ was the sailboat’s name that brought Hans and Carrie Jorgensen on the final leg of a long journey from the other side of the world, across the Bay of Biscay and around Finisterre.

In 1988 they docked in Portugal, and in the heart of Alentejo they found “Cortes de Cima.” It was just a barren land and a few abandoned buildings. But she, of Portuguese ancestry, said the landscape reminded her of California, her homeland.  Hans, who was born in Denmark, fell in love with the Mediterranean sun.

It was the perfect place to settle, start a family, and plant a vineyard.  Vidigueira was a land of white varieties but they found the climate to be perfect for Syrah, a Rhone variety. Yet Syrah did not conform to appellation regulations. Hans and Carrie didn’t care. They had a dream. 

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