A corkscrew is a lot more than a tool for pulling stoppers. It’s a helper. A friend. A social director who introduces you to the fascinating characters you’re going to spend the evening with. (Both in your bottle, and at your table.)

That’s us. We’re here to get great wine into your glass.

As for the “how”, anything goes. We’re based in Sonoma County, but we don’t hold ourselves to any specific vineyards, methods or wine styles. Instead, we’re free to seek opportunities, indulge our curiosity and follow hunches.

We never know, in advance, what those opportunities will be. Sometimes, a magnificent vineyard lot will go unclaimed. We’ll claim it. Sometimes, a top-tier winery will have extra barrels of a component from their most exclusive blend. We’ll bottle it. Sometimes, someone will ask, “What would happen if you tried technique x with grape y?” We’ll try it.

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