The Wine Farm.

The Corino family arrived at La Morra in 1952. The land was planted with fruits and vineyards, the barn was always well-supplied. After the birth of two sons Renato in 1963 and Giuliano in 1968 the company grew: 15 hectares of vineyards, half owned and half leased. Most of the grapes were produced for sale to traders, the remaining wine produced was sold to relatives and friends in demijohns.

The first bottle of Barolo was produced in the middle eighties.In 1987 Giuliano and Renato, following the example of their friend Elio Altare, begin to do the first thinning in the vineyard to get a better quality and more structure in the wine. It starts to vinify a small part of Dolcetto and Nebbiolo and the rest of the production of grapes are sold to make investments in the cellar. They bought the first tanks for fermentation at controlled temperatures to enhance the flavors of wine and also the French oak barrels.

At the end of 2005, Giuliano and Renato decided to split the company. Giuliano, with his wife Stefania, runs the place and the historic label.
The hectares of vineyards are 8. 5 hectares are for nebbiolo of barolo, 1.5 are for barbera are 1.5 are for dolcetto. The production are of 35.000-40.000 bottles. 


We work with the greatest respect tor nature. Prevalence of sulphur and copper base products are utilised, without the use of any pesticides (unless stricUy necessary), respecting the health of the people who works in the vineyards (we at first), the land and theenvironment. Only cow manure is used as fertilizer. During the alcoholic fermentation we only use our indigenous yeast. We don't filter or clarify the wine. At bottling,the sulphur level is usually less than 50% of the ltalian govarnment would allow us to use.

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