The key persevere in time and maintain our leadership.

In Concha y Toro we understand innovation as a way of doing things in a different way in order to generate value for our clients and consumers by the identification of opportunities and the articulation of creative processes through the entire chain of production and marketing.

The introduction of new products, processes, marketing methods and organizational policies are encouraged both in the internal practices of our organization and in our relationship with stakeholders. This is our “culture of innovation”, which crosses all the production areas and it reveals itself in the openness that encourages creativity and gives space for individual teams to have a permanent attitude of questioning the methods and procedures in order to seek excellence and high quality, generating high-impact innovation in business.

Thanks to our innovation culture, the company has kept its leadership, which is manifested in a policy of knowledge management, the creation of multidisciplinary teams, the constant search of new technologies and processes to increase the efficiency in the use of resources, and the achieving of a sustainable development in harmony with society and the environment. This culture allows us to be aligned with new trends and the needs of consumers, by looking for new ways to keep satisfying them and building a brand image of excellence that is recognized worldwide.

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