I Collazzi is owned by brothers Carlo and Bona Marchi: almost 400 hectares, located in the municipality of Impruneta, 7 km from the center of Florence.

Over the last decade the Marchi brothers have given new impetus to the company, renovating the vineyards and the cellar, with the intention of producing wines of excellence.

A Collazzi microclimate is on average warmer and drier than the surrounding area. A portion of the property lies in a natural amphitheater, fully exposed to the southwest. The strong sunshine and high daytime temperatures allow agricultural production maturation complete, and constant over the years.

The vines are grown on an area of ​​25 hectares, and the olive trees, bred in special crops, occupying 120 acres of property. Moreover Collazzi is dedicated to the bees, which gets a small production of honey integral.

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