Cobra Brewing is a family owned and operated business which includes Bill Shaw (sales), his son-in-law  Neil MacCuish (head brewer) and their wives Sharon Shaw (admin) and Danielle MacCuish (marketing and events).  

Bill started brewing with a small kit and continued with that for years, then when Neil and his wife moved down here we all discussed opening a micro-brewery.  It started out with what ifs and maybe's, but quickly turned into a reality.  The guys started brewing on a 5 gal system and continued that for awhile, brewing in the back yard of Bill's house.  While brewing on the 5 gal system this is when Neil started creating all the recipes that is now the amazing beer we offer today.  Not  too long after they decided to move up to a bigger system, so they purchased a 20 gal system and this is where it all become a reality that we were going to become a brewery.  We started looking for places to put our brewery and even went to couple different towns.  We decided that Lewisville is where we really wanted to be, we came across the building we are in now and knew it was the perfect place. 

We transformed that building into a true brewer's dream!  We purchased and moved into the building our unique converted dairy tank 5bbl system and took a couple of months getting everything just how we always pictured it.  Now 5 months later the time has finally come we are finally ready to have our Grand Opening!!  We look forward to meeting many new fans of our beer and hope everyone enjoys!!

In 2016 we took on a complete overhaul of the brewery. Although we loved the idea of brewing on converted dairy tanks, we knew we would out grow them.  In July our new system arrived and by mid-August the system was operational.  Where old dairy tanks once stood is now stainless steel beauty. Our system now consists of  2~ 20BBL fermenters, 4~10BBL fermenters,  1~ 20BBL Brite tank, 1~ 10BBL Brite Tank and a 3 Vessel 10BBL Brew house. The system is very sophisticated compared to our old system.  All tanks are managed my a touch screen computer and while the brewing process is still the same, the brewing has become more modern with control panels that  help us  manage the temperatures of brewing, transferring and fermentation. Come see us at the brewery and see what is happening this week!!!!!

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