Welcome to Clos La Coutale 

All the great natural factors, know-how and experience transmitted for six generations.

Where the climate, the soil, the vine-plants are ideally suited for the elaboration of a long lasting wine of fine quality

The Clos La Coutale, a 60 hectares estate spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial floor of the valley amid the meanders of the river Lot. Its soil is particulary suitable for vines, for it contains gravels, silicates and limestone clays. 

Because of the lie of the land, facing south-west, the estate is sheltered from the cold winds that blow from the "Causse" region (an upland plateau), and consequently it enjoys a micro-climate which ensures that the vines and their fruit ripen fully early in the season.

The vine-plants belong to the two types that are traditionnaly used in the making of the Cahors wine : COT or MALBEC.

This is the basic vin-plant, 80%. Its round grapes, their thick skin, rich in colouring matter and in tanin, lend character to this laying-down wine. Merlot. Up to 20%, it tones down the youthful hardness of Cahors wine, and it improves the bouquet.

"We make each parcel produce its wine separately. Then in January we blend the different wines so as to obtain a long lasting wine of regular quality..."

Valmy and Philippe Bernède haveinherited their ''savoir-faire'' from six generations of wine-growers. The average age for the vineyard is 25 years.

Thç Guyot style of dressing is used : namely single cutting back to 7 buds ; and the leaves are thinned out thoroughly and regularly Consequently we finaly obtain an average medium yield, of high quality of 4500 liters per hectare. According to tradition, the grapes are picked off from the stalks, and as befits a wine for laying down, the fermenting process takes place at a temperature of 28°C (80°F), in vats, over a period of 15-18 days.

The vineyard is divided up into a number of parcels. Each parcel is made to produce a number of carefully selected wines before blending takes place in January ; and in this way a single regular quality is obtained for each vintage.

Once the winter's cold is over the wine is put into wooden casks, where it stays for many months. That is where the tanins mature and become silky and the wine thus acquires a fulsome bouquet of dazzling fragrance. Thus, the Clos la Coutale stands, every year, at the highest level.

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