Cleophus Quealy Beer Company is a purveyor of fine American beers inspired by the low countries. 

Cleophus Quealy is a small brewery crafting fine ales in the East Bay. We brew (and sometimes bottle) each small batch by hand, drawing inspiration from seasonal ingredients, favorite foods and drinks, or travels abroad. We strive to make the very best beers we can and to share our brews with friends, neighbors, and anyone passing through our industrial corner of San Leandro.

Our Beer

We brew an eclectic mix of beers, from barrel aged Belgians to fruit fermented sours to dry-hopped American styles. Each small batch is served on tap in our tasting room for as long as the supply lasts. We bring back the most popular brews, and are constantly experimenting with new combinations of of malt, hops, yeast, fruits, and spices to make intriguing and tasty new beers. See what's on tap before stopping by the tasting room for a pint. 

Our Brewery

Our brewhouse is small, but mighty! Here we combine water, barley, and hops to hand-craft each small batch, seven barrels at a time.

At the heart of our brewery is our barrel program. We have more than 40 wine, gin, and rye whiskey barrels that we use to age some of our rarest and best loved beers for anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Our Tasting Room

Our cozy tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday, and dogs, children, and well-behaved adults are all welcome. You’ll find eight frequently changing beers on tap, plus a few choice bottled favorites behind the counter. Our eclectic tap list offers something for everyone--hop heads, wine lovers, and casual beer drinkers alike can all find a new favorite brew.

You’ll find food trucks serving up a variety of delicious dishes every Friday and Saturday, plus live music every other Saturday. Check our calendar for details on what to expect in our tasting room! 

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