Small Production Premium BC Wines

City Side Winery produces an outstanding selection of small production wine made from BC premium grapes under Mystic Pearl and Mystic Pearl Amphora brands. With highly passionate and knowledgeable sommeliers and wine associates, you are invited to experience the unique taste of timeless sophistication and learn about the oldest drink in the world.

Deep-Rooted Tradition, Modern Innovation and Timeless Sophistication

As we live in a fast paced world, we embrace a winemaking process that harkens back to a slower time. We harvest the finest grapes from our network of premium vineyards throughout the bio-diverse and illusory valleys of British Columbia. A belief of carefully nurturing the “soil” to form the grape’s “soul” is an element we strive for to create rich flavours. Our approach is a blend of deep-rooted tradition, a touch of modern innovation, and timeless sophistication.

It has been a lifetime of passion, love of wine and knowledge of winemaking that has brough us to the point where we can share our wines with the local community. Our story, dreams, and attention to craft is expressed as a seal found on each bottle.

Let's raise our glasses and have a toast:
"In Sominus Veritas, In Vinos Veritas"
"In Dreams are Truth, In Wine is Truth"

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