Churchill’s has a unique style that combines the blender’s art with the special characteristics of the terroir.

Churchill’s was founded in 1981 by John Graham, making it the first Port Wine Company to be established in 50 years. The Founder wanted to continue his family’s long Port tradition but at the same time create his own individual style of Port. He named the Company after his wife, Caroline Churchill.

“My Ports are made with as much natural fermentation, and with a little fortification brandy, as possible. I like to make wines in the most natural way. Above all I look for balance. I believe I brought this balance to Churchill’s Ports. There is a consensus around the characteristics that define our house style which are easily identified.”, John Graham.

Buying Quinta da Gricha in 1999 was an important and fundamental step for bringing Churchill’s into the production of Douro wines, and making them a special case of success.

The Pop Up Bar we opened in London, as well as the Sense the Taste experience –, the Taste Discovery event and the #RethinkPortWine movement are just some references in our unique and audacious way to promote Porto and Douro Wines.

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