The Company

CHONO was created by the famous Winemaker Alvaro Espinoza in 2004 when he started to develop their own wines and brands in Geo Wines S.A. after a period of providing technical and commercial assistance to a select number of wineries.

CHONO offers wines that invite wine drinkers on an exciting journey through some of Chile’s most interesting appellations. Each farm is carefully selected, allowing the different varieties to express themselves at their best with all of their varietal character and fruit potential.

Chono Tribe

Some antropoligists still believe that “A group of CHONO still survive in the wild state, without having experienced contact with civilization”, (Benjamin Subercaseaux, 1946)

Little information is available about the CHONO people. They were described by Darwin as one of the bravest native tribes and the only to resist being conquered by the Spaniards.

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