Our History

The history of the Chelsea Wine Vault began with an uncontainable passion for wine—literally! Daniel Barteluce, an architect by trade, and Don Kurt, a successful filmmaker, were inspired to begin a wine storage company because Don’s wine collection outgrew his New York City apartment and he had begun storing his cases in Dan’s New Jersey home. When Dan’s home was short on space, they thought there must be other people in the same situation, and began looking for a solution. In 1997, Don discovered Chelsea Market and realized its potential as a prime location for a storage company, but when they approached the landlord, he informed them that in order to obtain space in the basement, they would have to open a retail wine store on the ground floor. Today, the Chelsea Winery, Ltd. is composed of two different businesses:  Chelsea Wine Vault (retail store) and Chelsea Wine Storage (wine storage facility), both located in Chelsea Market. The original decision to lease the space was made easier by the building’s rich history and continuing traditions. Its former tenant Nabisco baked the first Oreo Cookie© here, and the culinary tradition continues to this day. The Food Network, New York 1, Oxygen Media, Google, mlb.com, EMI Music, as well as our neighboring ground floor food retailers are part of this prestigious address. Chelsea Wine Vault was one of the first tenants on the ground floor and we are happy to be a part of the ever-changing Chelsea and Meatpacking neighborhoods.

Chelsea Wine Vault prides itself on being one of New York’s friendliest and best-stocked fine wine stores. Our success is based on Dan and Don’s philosophy of offering our customers a pleasant and professional wine buying experience in a beautiful and unique environment.  In addition, the Chelsea Wine Vault does not want to be another snobby wine store, but rather a place that caters to all sorts of different tastes and budgets. Our motto is “we only buy wine we love,” and for this reason we can truly stand behind the products on our shelves.  Our wine buyers taste everything that is purchased and the majority of our stock consists of small producer wines. We truly enjoy teaching our customers as much about wine as they’re willing to hear, and we love to watch them grow with us.

Chelsea Wine Storage is our 10,000 square foot temperature and humidity controlled cellar. We have over 450 clients and about 27,000 cases of wine and we remain to be one of the most respected and sought-after wine storage facilities in the tri-state area. We have unparalleled service, security, and accessibility to New York’s wine community. Customers have instant onsite access to their wine collection for extended hours 6 days a week. We also offer a detailed, interactive online inventory system, where customers can view their wines and place orders via internet, twenty-four hours a day.

Together, Chelsea Wine Vault and Chelsea Wine Storage work to serve our wine-loving customers with the most attentive and personalized service for the past fifteen years, and we’re looking forward to the future. We hope to see you there!

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