Upon his arrival in 1990 Jean-Louis Masurel implements the philosophy of Château Trians ; Respect nature with a Reasoned Agriculture. 
In 2008, the transition to organic farming was the obvious continuity of this philosophy, and in 2012, in accordance with the new winemaking rules "BIO organic" wines Trians are labeled BIO . 

Thanks to its northern exposure, Northwest, and its altitude of 320 meters, production area of Trians allows slow ripening of the grapes. The vines are protected from heat and sun, which preserves the aromas and freshness of the wines. OUR WINES We produce  red guard (about 10 years), we put on sale after two to three years of aging.

Our rosé  highlight specific varietal (grape varieties), they have long held over the year thanks to aromas due to the slow maturation of the grapes.

For white wines , we find the same job for rosé, with long flavors on the palate and a holding wine throughout the year.

The different varieties of our red wines are aged separately in vats and are assembled after this time, which allows the winemaker to assemble the best vintages and thus make red guard.

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