Château Tanunda, Icon of the Barossa

Château Tanunda, ‘Icon of the Barossa,’ is Australia’s largest and oldest Château (est. 1890). It is famous for handcrafiting the Barossa's top wines and is a truly awe-inspiring place to visit. It is as magnificent as some of the best wine estates and Châteaux anywhere in the world.

The Barossa Valley is acknowledged as the home of Australia’s finest wines and the world's best Shiraz. Château Tanunda Estate is the birthplace of the Barossa’s wine industry, where some of the first plantings and the first winery were established in the 1840s. 

The Geber family is the proud custodian of this great icon and its heritage. We invite you to behold the magnificent Château, Basket Press Winery, vineyards, gardens, functions rooms and surrounding hills. Our wines are delicious, distinctive and elegant.

We hope you enjoy the true character of Château Tanunda and visit this famous Barossa Winery in Tanunda for exclusive VIP tastings, and top Barossa Shiraz.

Iconic historic winery

Château Tanunda is the Barossa.

This majestic bluestone winery and vineyard property is a living testament to the colourful history and pioneering spirit attached to Australia’s pre-eminent wine region. Now, thanks to the passion and dedication of its new owners, the Geber family, this iconic Barossa estate is celebrating a new lease of life.

Built in the late 1880s, Château Tanunda is:

Home to some of the earliest plantings of vines in the Barossa Valley, dating back to the 1840s
Australia’s largest (37,674 square feet) and oldest wine Château
A designated monument in Australia’s Register of State Heritage Places

Château Tanunda’s origins go back to the 1860s and the decimation of Europe’s vineyards by the phylloxera plague. Sensing opportunity in Europe’s pain, the three founders of Château Tanunda built a Bavarian-style Château dedicated to the production of fine quality wines.

For a while this grand vision would become the largest winemaking facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

European immigrants had been planting vines in the Barossa since the 1840s, so the region was a natural choice. The resulting wines, made from grapes produced by 560 local growers (paid a pound per gallon – a substantial sum at the time), were transported on company-owned ships to a wine-starved Europe.

Château Tanunda’s success was the Barossa’s success. For years it was the heart of Barossa winemaking. A veritable “Ivy League” of Australian winemakers worked or studied at the facility, including Prof. Soebels, Australia’s first qualified enologist; Bill Seppelt; Grant Burge; Geoff Merrill and others. In 1994, in recognition of its rich history, Château Tanunda was placed on the Register of State Heritage Places – but by then its glory days were a memory.

Abandoned by its then owner, Australian wine giant Southcorp, the property was a shell of its former grandeur. When John Geber chanced upon it in 1998, and bought it a day later, he embraced the challenge of restoring this magnificent property to its iconic status.

 A walk around the Château is a walk around the history of winemaking in the valley, if not the country. On the rafters you will see some of the most famous names in Australian wine history, past and present, all of whom have worked at the Château.

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