A history as ancient as Bordeaux wine itself.

Saint-Georges dates back to Gallo-roman times when a sumptuous villa overlooked the vineyards. Eventually the Roman domain gave its name to a parish and in time a medieval castle was built.

In 1602, a barony was created when Henry IV sold the estate and title to a prestigious Saint-Emilion family.

It was passed down through the family as dowry for the eldest daughter until it landed in the hands of the last Baron of Saint-Georges, who displayed excellent taste in hiring the celebrated 18th century architect Victor Louis to redesign the castle.

Victor Louis also designed the splendid Grand Theatre in Bordeaux.

In 1772, the majestic castle we see today was constructed. Of the original medieval structure, only the four imposing grey towers were kept. Victor Louis’ creation is bordered by a cool, shaded park on the northern side, elegant gardens on the eastern and southern sides, and is surrounded entirely by its sun-drenched vineyards.

Following the French Revolution, the vines were hit by phyloxera, a devastating plant louse, and the estate changed hands several times until it was bought by Petrus Desbois in 1891 to be used as his summer residence. Since then it has remained a private family home and vineyard, carefully nurtured by each generation. The first Petrus Desbois resuscitated the beleaguered vineyards by grafting French vines onto American rootstock. Then in 1945, his son Petrus Desbois took over and it was under his stewardship that Saint-Georges began producing a world-renowned wine.

Today, his son Georges Desbois presides over the estate, and creates well-balanced, elegant wines, celebrated for their ability to age well.

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