Chateau Robin is an ancient estate near the picturesque, historic village of Saint-Emilion, 22 miles northeast of Bordeaux.  The third edition of the Feret Guide to Bordeaux and its wines mentions our vineyard, then called “Cru Robin.”  The Feret Guide compiled by an Englishman, Charles Cocks, makes an inventory and survey of the best wines of the Bordeaux region since 1846, indicating the location of the vineyard and mentioning the specifications of the wine produced.

In 2003, Jean and Laurence Caille bought Chateau Robin.

The wine produced under their ownership has been honoured by the press that classifies it within the best of its AOC.

“It was our hearts that caused us to buy this beautiful vineyard and realize the dream of many: to make their own wine.  While our decision to acquire the estate was driven by our emotions, our reasoning was warning us to be prudent, to proceed cautiously with the decision of whether we would become winemakers.  Our hearts ruled our minds and the passion we felt the first day we walked among the vines has grown with each sunrise.  Our dream was to make a classic, exceptional wine in the form of a work of art.”

Just as the dream became a reality, a huge challenge was presented when the wine business dropped into a steep economic downturn.  The dream and passion of the Caille family carried Chateau Robin through this period when an immense financial investment was being made in a business many were being forced to abandon.

Jerome, the oldest son in the Caille family, came to winemaking after working for ten years in the car business.  “I was born and brought up in the car world.  After learning about winemaking, I realized that my previous professional life had been dull, unfulfilling, devoid of emotion and passion.”

After Jerome visited Chateau Robin, he was struck with a renewed sense of being.  He decides to leave the paradise island of Mauritius, where he has been living with his wife, Alexandra, and his two young daughters, Thea and Luana, to live on the slopes of Belves-de-Castillon, in the vineyard.

“To leave our home on that tropical island we all loved so much, and to leave friends and family behind, to give up perpetual sunshine for a place with cold winters and relocate to a region where you know no one - - was a very difficult decision.  When we arrived at our new home in France, there was so much to learn and experience in the vineyard at Chateau Robin.  I knew I had the one key ingredient to make Chateau Robin a success: Passion.  Our experience here has been a beautiful love story that I hope is reflected in the wine we make.”

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