The history of Mas Neuf is closely linked to its location along very ancient traffic routes which passed close to its vineyards.

From the 18th century, the road from Saint Gilles to Compostella, runs 100 metres to the south of a Medieval ruin and naturally led to the owner of the area to establish a post house to shelter men and their mounts for some hours or for the night.

These lands enjoy an excellent aspect and for some centuries, the vines have occupied a priviledged place around the noble building. It was during some work in the vineyard block known as the “Clos Saint Sébastien” that a farmer came across some Roman coins used by the first inhabitants of Nemausus, the VOLCEARECOMICS. This coin bears the four first letters of their name: VOLC.

Today we can admire these coins at the Nîmes archeological museum. It is also the symbol that today serves as a hallmark for all the exceptional blends from Mas Neuf.

The reputation of this post house and the quality of its hospitality became increasingly well known and the main part of the building was extended towards the end of the 18th century by the addition of a chapel which would be transformed into a cask cellar in the mid 19th century.

It was a frequent guest to this place, Lord François de Posquières, who together with other famous wine farmers, created the first regional wine association, gathering together what would become the beautiful gem of the artisanal wine farmers of the Costières de Nîmes. It was with great delight that he tasted the fruit of this terroir whilst professing that as an informed epicurian, it was necessary to maintain a measure of moderation.

One of the famous owners at the beginning of the century, Lord Meffre, would be responsible for the distinctive thrust of this vineyard. He installed spectacular casks in the ancient chapel. In selecting cultivars of quality, and having an inspired set-up from the point of view of agronomic techniques, he stamped the estate with this perfectionism which would never leave its building.

Since 2000, Luc Baudet and his team have chosen to increase the exceptional potential of this vineyard by working on all the key elements that make a great wine: first of all, the vineyard and then extreme care in the cellar

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