Do you want a wine showing character, holding its own with the greatest vineyards (the Pessac-Léognan are grown in the same soil, located only a couple of kilometers away) but standing out because of its non-conformity? 
An authentic wine, with none of the boastfulness common in the wine business? Look no further.


Located twenty kilometers from the city of Bordeaux, about four kilometers from the Garonne river bank and only a thousand meters from the Pessac-Léognan border, the Château Lusseau vines are god blessed. By one god in particular: Bacchus. Getting the best from a characteristic soil – the Grave de Bordeaux terroir – and from a perfect balance of sunshine and rain, these vines produce a noble fruit, giving birth to a powerful wine ready for aging.

For more than a century in the same family, Château Lusseau has always made respect of traditional wine making methods a priority. An unyielding line of conduct dedicated to the quality of its wines and the protection of the ecosystem it belongs to. A constant refusal of pesticides and insistence on integrated farming principles (hand harvesting + hand weeding) have always been the two pillars of the Château Lusseau policy. In order to formalize this approach, Château Lusseau began the organic farming conversion process in 2007, leading to a better understanding of the natural world and a comprehensive vision of the surrounding wildlife.

In concrete terms, what is it all about? No more and no less that a return to long-standing values based on a holistic approach to the environment. This perspective makes it possible to detect deficiencies that the vine might suffer from early, and to intervene before they take root. To enrich the soil according to its needs, we learned how to take advantage of all the resources usually overlooked yet located within the limits of the property. The use of goods not belonging to the ecosystem of the vineyard is no longer permitted. In place of chemical fertilizers, we use plants that act as high-quality natural fertilizers, such as nettles, fern and horsetail. Copper and sulphur guard against certain diseases, replacing chemicals and synthetic products.

The wines of Château Lusseau prove that quality can and must go hand in hand with an environmentally concerned approach.

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