18th century : Shipowner Jean Belso built the Château de Loupiac the same length as his ship for his second home.

1854: Reinhold Dezeimeris moved into the Château after the death of his father. The learned gentleman, member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts and Letters of Bordeaux was one of the major figures who won the battle against the Phylloxera vine infection.

1919 : The grand-father of Marc Ducau (current owner of the Château) was also the proprietor of the Château Pontac in Loupiac since 1873. He bought the Château de Loupiac renamed it Château Loupiac-Gaudiet, Gaudiet being the name of the parcel of land behind the Château.

1964 : After the death of his father, Marc Ducau became the owner of the Château.

1986 : Daniel Sanfourche, his nephew, became second in charge.

1995 : Daniel Sanfourche became director of operations.



The vineyard surrounds the Château facing southward, on the hills that overlook the river Garonne.

Average age : 47 years

Size of the vineyard : 28 hectares

Soil : clay and limestone

Grape variety : Semillon 95% - Sauvignon 3% -Muscadelle 2%

Average yield : 31hl/ha

Our region’s particular climate with its morning mists and its sunny autumn afternoons
enables the “Botrytis Cinerea” to develop.

The grapes are picked by hand, in the traditional manner by successive harvesting as soon as the Botrytis Cinerea appears.

Daniel Sanfourche oversees the vinification process in the traditional manner using modern methods (pneumatic press, temperature controlling during fermentation)

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