In 1979, Bernard and Cecile Croisille reach Fages, in the municipality of Luzech with the only the wealth of folly of youth, a passion for the land and a life plan to build around that passion. So they take leased a property that had overgrown wasteland and painstakingly restore life to it. The early years are of course difficult .... You have to invest a lot to clear and plant and maintain their first 7 hectares of vines but wait long to reap the benefits. While they boil the pot by engaging in all kinds of work, farmed battery lambs, vines and cut stakes shaping, grain crops and even pickles ... they deliver their first harvest to the cooperative winery Parnac in 1984.

The stage is set, but does not give them full satisfaction, either financially or in terms of personal and professional fulfillment. Being grape producer is not enough, they have to go all the way by becoming winemaker. A few years of association with a neighbor, himself independent producer, allow them to learn about this profession and discover this passion that led ten years later to produce THEIR wine.With the help of the whole family, the large old house purchased in 1996, the "broken home" as then call their four children, is restored, rebuilt the old winery and equipped with nine for the birth together the new century, Château Les Croisille. The year 2004 marked the end of the 25-year lease entered into on arrival at Fages. The vines they planted are in their best years and therefore there is no question to miss. Fifteen people, friends, family, clients or simply wine enthusiasts then unites around Croisille to constitute a GFA buy the precious vineyards and the adventure continues.

The last page of the story was written in 2008, the year Germain, their second son, freshly graduated decides to take the plunge and moved with his parents. This "young new blood" encourages and motivates them to seize an opportunity that allows them to develop into renting a property of 10 hectares of vines in Luzech Valley.

From nothing, the family Croisille today operates a vineyard of about twenty acres on what it considers to be part of the best terroirs of the appellation. Difficult but exciting journey as much as they were able to share and pass on this passion and that history does not stop there ....

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