It was in the twelfth century, at the time when the Popes were French, was born the vineyard of La Nerthe: it is confused with the appearance of the vine in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where the pontiffs had established their summer residence. 
Undeniably known as "primus inter pares" among the Châteauneuf-du-Pape's historic estates, Château La Nerthe has always been surrounded by the most caring care of its successive owners: men of conviction, aristocrats, experts in Châteauneuf of the Pope, the Marquis Tulle de Villefranche, Commander Joseph Ducos, the Richard family. All have worked for the Nerthe to acquire and maintain a reputation for excellence.

The Tulle Family of Villefranche

The first act attesting to the existence of Château La Nerthe (then known as Grange de Beauvenir) records its acquisition, on November 25, 1560, by the family of Tulle de Villefranche. Under their impulse, the wine of La Nerthe reaches a high level of quality and reaches the celebrity. Thus, from the 18th century, the marshals of Tonnerre and Brissac, the dukes of Uzes and Chevreuse, the prince of Bergues do not dry up praise and consume with happiness "the excellent wine of La Nerthe", moreover served at Versailles, at the Court of Louis XVI, but also at the court of Saxony, Geneva, England, London, Turin, Rome, Naple, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Commander Joseph Ducos

At the appearance of phylloxera, around 1870, the Tulle de Villefranche sell their property to Commander Joseph Ducos. This one, animated by a flawless courage, of strong convictions, reconstitutes the field and introduces the "multi-encépagement" thus achieving a considerable success with the wine of La Nerthe. List of grape varieties that will be included in the grape variety authorized by the decree of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée published nearly half a century later in 1935! In an address to Avignon in 1938, President Albert Lebrun evoked "this commander Ducos who was in his property La Nerthe the soul of the reconstitution viticole" of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This grape variety is the reputation and success of La Nerthe that Frédéric Mistral, famous poet and accomplished gastronome.

The Richard Family

In 1892, the history of Richard House begins with Henri Richard, the founding father, who began his career in wine at age 22 with his cousin Auguste Fayel. The Richard family has acquired its know-how after decades of apprenticeship that gives it a rare and unequaled competence in the restaurant industry but also in the wine industry since the 1950s. Never improvising as a wine professional has become through the contact of the earth, vineyards, terroirs and especially men whom she knew how to surround herself, who transmit to her passion and know-how.

In 1985, the Richard family acquired Château La Nerthe and entrusted the management to Alain Dugas. A student of Dr. Dufays (Domaine de Nalys in Châteauneuf-du-Pape) specialist in local grape varieties, Alain Dugas has forged a great experience in fifteen years at Domaine de la Renjarde. At La Nerthe, he takes over the convictions and precepts of Joseph Ducos and surrounds himself with a team of men and women, all acquired at the Nerthe and its soil.

In 2008 Christian Voeux is chosen by the Richard family to succeed Alain Dugas who has retired. Christian Voeux, winemaker graduated from the faculty of Montpellier, has been at Château Mont Redon for more than 25 years. He is the new guardian of the Castle, its history and its traditions. Surrounded by the same team he leads the Nerthe in the same line of excellence that history has traced.

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