Family/ Owners

Château Joinin, a family-owned estate for several generations, was taken over in 1989 by Madame and Monsieur Mestreguilhem, who decided to vinify their wine themselves. Since then this red Bordeaux wine has enjoyed the know-how of the Mestreguilhem family.


For several generations, one family from Entre-Deux-Mers cared for 25 hectares of red vines. In 1989, when M. and Mme. Mestreguilhem resumed management of the family estate, the vines were on average a quarter of a century old, with a high proportion of Merlot planted on clay and limestone plateaus with very good exposure.

Since then this red Bordeaux wine has benefitted from the expertise of the Mestreguilhem family. In 2000, new cellars were equipped with modern technology to better serve the quality of Château Joinin, as well as for the environment.

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