The Château Hourtin-Ducasse vineyard is located in Saint-Sauveur, a village bordering Pauillac. The estate produces a Haut-Médoc, Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, two former owners, Mr. Hourtin and Mr. Ducasse, gave the wine its name. In 1976, our family, the Marengo family, bought the property and now manages the vineyard. The estate includes a winery and an aging cellar where a number of the oak barrels are changed every year in accordance with the vintage. It also includes a tasting room and a storage cellar. The vineyard stretches over 25 hectares with 23 hectares of vines which, on average, are 15 to 20 years old and cultivated using conservation farming techniques. Our work is based on listening to nature and her needs. We seek to improve the plants’ immune defences, develop the natural bacteria that live in the soil and protect the many species of insect and animal life; we endeavour to increase the diversity that enriches our terroir through the interactions of the different varieties and the complexity they bring. The grapes are meticulously selected on the vines, and later on the sorting table during harvesting and again during blending, which tends to reduce our production to some 80,000 bottles a year. The actual production and ageing of the wine is carefully controlled by the wine laboratory in Pauillac assisted by a consultant oenologist. Great care is taken and the aim is to obtain the best that the vine and its fruit have to offer, in spite of the caprices of nature. The very foundation of our work and our constant ambition for each vintage is to produce a wine that combines modernity and classicism, elegance and finesse, and that every year will be the best expression of the excellence of our terroir.

Les Roses De Marie, The Rosé

Willing to have a nice and fresh summer fruitiness to taste with friends, we decided in 2003 to create our rosé. Although produced close to Pauillac, on Château Hourtin-Ducasse’s terroir, Les Roses de Marie is neither a Clairet nor a Bordeaux-Rosé. It is partly elaborated like a Côtes-de-Provence. It is a blend of cabernet franc and cabernet-sauvignon in proportions that change according to the vintage to achieve the balance of the aromas we seek. Les Roses de Marie is not a garage wine; it is a wine of thirst, a pleasant freshness, an easy pleasure to enjoy right away.

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