A tradition of wine and women continues...

This 12th century Château was inherited in 1734, by an aristocratic lady, La Marquise d’Alphonse, known in the region for her legendary and majestic banquets.
Even at that period, the estate was producing wines. She restored the property and more than 200 years later, Chateau Gamage still stands in this region of Bordeaux that is acclaimed worldwide and steeped in wine growing history.

The Château is surrounded by 15 acres of woods and a park with several natural springs producing precious, pure water, a home and shelter to families of tame deer and game who roam the estate.

The destiny and legacy of the property is today in the hands of another lady, Usha Lavie-Teissier, a Singaporean of Indian origin. She took over the estate almost 20 years ago, continuing the ancient tradition of women at the Chateau.

“For the children of my children”, she says.

Fountain of Youth

“The Lovers Walk”, a path flanked by massive, 200 year old oak trees, in the midst of all the luscious greenery, leads to a fountain that, from the  Marquise's days, continues to flow with delicious, unpolluted spring water. She named it, “The Fountain of Youth”, and praised the virtues of its water, which, according to the legend, contributed to her incredible health and longevity! Its gentle flow of cool, spring water amongst the enchanting foliage enhances the sensation of peace and harmony in the estate.

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