A wise lodging choice for visitors to this part of France is Château de la Poujade, a bright and spacious 17th century chartreuse  (charter house) - the largest one in the region - and a listed Historical Monument.  Guests will appreciate the peace and quiet while being only a few kilometers from all the important sites and attractions.  La Poujade was once at the heart of rich vineyards, and sits on the high slopes of the Black Périgord. For those familiar with the Dordogne département, it is divided into four distinct areas known as the Périgord Blanc, Périgord Vert, Périgord Pourpre, and this, the Périgord Noir.  The Black Périgord is known for its deep gorges beneath smooth cliff faces, the cave paintings of early man, the River Vézère winding through many prehistoric sites, and the wonderful towns of Montignac, Les Eyzies and Sarlat.


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