In the aim of realizing one of Stéphane's childhood dreams, we purchased an orchard in Dunham, in 2006 and over the years we transformed it into a vineyard and cidery. As the project evolved into a business, the dream finally became a reality. As partners in both life and business, we share all the management and operational tasks. You will also probably bump into our daughter, Aurélie, at the tasting area or by the swing set!

Our annual production amounts to approximately 20 000 bottles of wines and ciders which we sell mainly at the winery. We also distribute a few of our products at SAQ retailers, in grocery stores as well as in restaurants. Over time, we have distinguished ourselves by winning many medals and word of mouth has also greatly contributed to our success.

Since our production is limited to small quantities, we are able to focus on each vintage with great detail. We are constantly attentive to viticulture trends and techniques for northern climates and we mainly choose varieties that are adapted to our terroir. These are principally hybrid varieties that were developed in Minnesota such as Marquette, St-Pépin and Frontenac. Each cluster is carefully harvested and processed by hand. Thereafter, the grapes are fermented in small batches as to express the unique character of each parcel. We carefully blend and age our wines before bottling.

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