After rewarding international careers, we had decided to change our way of life. We set sail around the world for a few years, and our journey took us all the way to the antipodes, to the Vanuatu archipelago, which remains free from the influences of our modern society. One of the islands, Espiritu Santo, also known as « the planet island », had a strong and lasting impact on our feeling of freedom and independence.

When we came back in 2006, we moored at Château de Calvières in Saint-Laurent d'Aigouze.

The 12th century mansion is steeped in history : the Christian knights used to get there wine supplies there on their way to the Crusades.

It seemed obvious to us that we should make wine, but we wanted to do it without constraints, without appellations. We wanted our wine to be a companion, a wine of comviviality and independence.

When tasting the most wonderful southern wines, we had built an idea of the taste we wished to produce. Experts guided us. Our wine had to be strong, elegant and deep.

Our friends and partners say it is sensuous, and that it keeps boredom at bay.

But it is now your turn to make up your mind.

Because freedom is the ability to chose.


Marc & Isabelle Hénon

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