We have not been here for a thousand years. We are emigrants from the South of Spain, the North of Africa, the North of Europe. Who cares!

We have not been growing wines since the Roman times. We are farmers, maybe peasants, but modern-day peasants and have been for a long time.

We don’t have an exceptional terroir. Just good land for vineyards of which we have ploughed every inch and which we have revived according to organic principles over the last twenty years. An estate on which the vineyards have been reorganised as it has been over the ages with its natural logic and limits: the river to the south and the garrigue to the north.

No prestigious ruins. But solid buildings, which have witnessed many lives pass and many hard working people.

To the suffocating, so called “constant and loyal usages”, we prefer the nourishing tradition, in our quest - often filled with doubt - for well done work.

The vine doesn’t need to suffer, to give the best of itself. Like us, it needs healthy food, little stress and attentive care.

Not all vintages are exceptional. There are the weather conditions. And the weeds that we will never overcome. And the little beast and larger animals who demand their share.

Organic farming is not just a matter of doing nothing and watching the weeds grow. It is also watching the weeds grow. And it is observing in order to try to understand. And acting preventively by using common sense and some simple products, sulphur, copper, herbal preparations, organic insecticides. All on a living soil, nourished by compost

Modern oenology doesn’t always give a solution. Healthy and ripe grapes, good grape varieties, a modern clean cellar and a lot of attention, barrels and a little sulphur to protect the wines. That should be enough.


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