This magnificent 18th century chateau, overlooking the Isle Valley, stands out proudly, facing Pomerol and the Saint-Emilion limestone hillsides. The property is at the heart of an estate that was itself established in 1610. It belonged to the same family for three centuries and Michel Rullier took it over in 1955. For over 40 years, Michel Rullier modernized the vinification techniques, with the aim to improve the quality of the wines and promote them internationally. Having worked hand in hand with her father for several years, Brigitte took over the estate in 2002. While continuing to the focus on international developpement, Brigitte Rullier-Loussert has also made her mark as a true professional, both her work of the vines and her vinification methods are acknowledged. Managing a very loyal team, her expertise is recognized by the most renowned international critics.

With its south/south-west facing aspect, the vineyard's location benefits from the maximum sunshine. What's more, its privileged position, high up to the hillside, protects it from frosts. Upmost care and attention are paid to the vineyard and it's this stringency, day after day, that inspires technical decisions. A large number of observations are carried out (pits, vine counts, trappings...) in order to refine cultivation options. This is how it becomes possible to defer harvesting dates and obtain grapes at optimum ripeness. Bunches are subjected to an initial selection, as soon as they are picked. After the de-stemming, an innovative airknife system meticulously sorts through the berries. Different capacity vinification vats make it possible to confine wines of comparable maturty and to let the different terroirs, found within the estate, best express their dephs.

The wine maturing cellar is a real gem setting for the estate's wines. It houses the oak barrels (either brand new ones or ones having held 1 wine maximum). They hold the malolactic fermentations. This ageing process lasts 18 months, the aim being to enhance our wines'fruit, thanks to a charm-packed alle: the barrels.

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