It rejects conformism, following of trends, slavish imitation, gurus, the standardisation of flavours, speculation, over-concentration, an excess of new oak, etc.

It respects its own terroir, typicity, environment, the balance between fruitiness and oakiness, freshness, finesse, youth and plain enjoyment...

It dares to use screw caps instead of corks.

It makes a total commitment every year, knowing that your continued loyalty is not to be automatically assumed.


At a time when flavours are tending towards standardisation,Agassac's wines stand out for their individual personality, to which they remain true irrespective for year-on-year changes.This terroir, where the harvest often starts earlier than elsewhere, also makes it possible to pick grapes bursting with fruitiness and to produce wines that are fresh and elegant with immense finesse ; wines that don't claim to be sublime every year, but that are of a constant and indisputable quality.

Perhaps a paradox for wines with great cellaring potential, Agassac wines can be enjoyed in their youthbecause they have no other ambition than to provide pleasure and enjoyment. These are wines steeped in conviviality that do not rely on beguiling prices and seek only to satisfy your thirst for authentic, unadulterated wines.


If rejecting conformism is irreverent, then Agassac is exactly that ; but that's not to say that insurrection reigns ! Just a conviction that it's better to be true to oneself rather than imitate others or surrender to fashion. Plus the certainty that it's not enough simplyto own a magnificent 13th-century château in order to produce fine wines...

There are no gurus here ; just a group of men and women who love what they do and are firmly attached to their terroir and its past history.

Graced with one of the oldest vineyards in the Médoc, Agassac has chosen to produce authentic, unadulterated wines - not given to excess concentration, making moderate use of new oak,preference is given to achieving a balance between wood and fruit, and to opting for gentle extraction to preserve that fruitiness and the personality of the terroir.

With a characteristic concern for its natural milieu,Agassac has been a forerunner in respect of environmental conservation, rational pest and disease management and commitment to the quality certification process.


Cultivating its difference doesn't prevent Agassac from being open and attentive to the wine- producing world to which it belongs or from being acclaimed by it. In 2004, the estate was privileged enough to be chosen by the "Commanderie du Bontemps du Médoc, des Graves et de Sauternes" to host the yearly "Fête de la Fleur", in celebration of spring and the start of flowering in the vines.

Agassac also keeps a close eye on the latest developments in sustainable viticulture as well as on consumer expectations. Its presence at Vinexpo, a fact-finding trip to Australia and the decision to opt for screw caps all demonstrate the estate's forward-looking approach.

Like all free and open spirits, the estate also seeks to be hospitable ; open to the public all year, this outstanding venue is available for seminars, conferences, receptions and other private functions.

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