Jutting out between the Atlantic Ocean and the estuary of the Gironde river, it is in the Médoc, originally meaning the «land in the middle», that lie the lands of Beaumont which, in the 18th century, were nothing more than moor-lands and heather, meadows and fallow land, belonging to the Duc de Duras, Marshal of France and a member of the French Academy.

Cleared in 1772, the estate became the property of Henri Labarthe, who drained it and thus prepared it for growing vines. It was in 1824 that the vineyard of Beaumont came into being under its new owner, Monsieur Bonnin.

Positioned on the left bank of the Garonne, between Saint-Julien and Margaux, Château Beaumont draws its finesse and delicate qualities from the deep gravel of the best soils in the Haut-Médoc.

Château Beaumont has chosen to produce wine using Integrated Farming according to theTerra Vitis ® specifications, which aim to produce quality grapes with the greatest respect for the environment.

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