The Philosophy

Today the domain covers 36 hectares (ha) of A.O.C. Chinon vines, exclusively planted in Cabernet France and 3 ha of A.O.C. Touraine, planted in Chenin Blanc, or Pineau de la Loire.

Farming Techniques :

The diversity of our terroirs, or soils, has led us to adapt a whole range of farming techniques, both time-honoured and modern, to obtain the finest grapes, with the greatest of respect for the vine and the environment.

With experience and according to the season, we work the soil or employ natural seeding or sowing. Systematic weeding was abandonned long ago and the residual excluded from our treatments, because enviromental protection is a top priority here at the domaine.

For many years now we have been employing the "integrated pest management" method, which, to a large extent, calls on close observation of the vines and a perfect knoledge of the biology of disease. Thanks to this method, only environmentally sound, or "green" products are used on our  vines, products that have no persistence in the soil.

Trellising at Clos de la

In the same way, we replant and replace vine stocks with massal selections from our own vines only (propagation by cuttings from old Clos de la Dioterie and Clos du Chêne Vert ).

Limiting yields is also one of our major concerns. Vital for producing healthy and highly concentrated grapes - and requiring all the experience and expertise of the vineyard team.

These tasks are in fact always difficult, often long and even rather tedious, to say the least! But they are essential and every year, apart from a short winter pruning, we debud the top of the vines and get rid of the laterals, before destemming and green harvesting. To this is added thinning out the vine leaves by hand, an operation aimed at exposing the grapes to the sun and air for enhanced ripening. 

With manual harvesting, we can ensure a last, but absolutely vital, qualitative sorting.

The harvests:

The harvests, the dates of which are determined with great care for each plot, are of course done by hand. Each year, an experienced team of sixty pickers, under the watchful eye of the domain's full-time team, take on this crucial task. 

Sorting is done at the foot of the vine and only perfectly mature bunches are chosen, the rest naturally being rejected.

We employ our own harvesting techniques, which allows us to transport the harvested grapes, practically intact, to the Dioterie winery. Grape picker empty their buckets into small crates, each able to carry at least 20 kg of grapes. 

We designed hod-type receptacles that are used to transport crates, in small numbers, between the harvested vines and the chai. This prevents the grapes from getting crushed and results in a perfectly healthy harvest.

In phase with the above, the crates are systematically washed at the chai between trips to keep the grapes perfectly clean.

Transported in small quantities, the grapes harvested are quickly conveyed to the winery, where an arsenal of stainless steel equipment is ready for the last grape sorting operations, if necessary, and to transfer the grapes to their waiting vats.


A thermostat-controlled vathouse, partially equipped with special vats for "punching the cap" (pushing the solid matter, or cap, at the top of the vat back down into the juice), allows us to control each vinification in accordance with the identity of the wine, as 7 or 8 very different styles of wine are produced each year according to their soil, the age of the vines, the plot's exposure, vinification method and maturing option adopted.

With just one grape variety - Cabernet Franc - a wide range of products can be produced, from pleasant wine, perfect for any occasion, to truly great wine that can be kept for many years.

The grapes are destemmed at the last moment before vatting, to ensure that any oxidisation of the musts is limited to a minimum. Conveyor belts transport the grapes to the destemmer, then, after devatting, to a pneumatic press.

Each juice is vinified separately and differentiated according to its characteristics and vintage

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