We’re passionate about craft beer, and we’re passionate about our community.
We want to serve the people of Chilliwack great craft beer, and we want to be as sustainable as
possible, with organic growth as opposed to planned expansion.

Honest beer for honest people, making an honest living. We will be making vibrant, fresh, INTERESTING beers, there will be a lot of “thinking outside of the box” as far as using locally grown or foraged ingredients to help support our local growers, and give back a product that our community can be proud of contributing to.

We’ll be making the beers we love and are passionate about, and we hope that passion will shine through in the beers produced.  We will never be brewing something because it’s popular, or safe, or sellable, or because a style is more commercially viable – we will be a brewery for people that crave something new, something different, something constantly evolving, something fresh and vibrant and brewed with passion!

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