With more than 30 years of vine planting history, Ningxia’s natural condition has been recognized as an important element for grape quality, with a dry climate, well-drained soil, and a pure environment.

In addition to its unique, natural conditions, Ningxia Helan Mountain has national protected geographic indicator of product origin status and is considered one of the best regions in the world for growing grapes.

Chandon is made from selected traditional sparkling wine grapes - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – two varieties that are essential for creating sparkling wines using the classic “méthode traditionnelle” style.

The Ningxia region often has good levels of sunshine and low levels of rainfall, which make it easier for the grape to ripen and display its varietal fruitiness; it is also easy to find fruit in the finished wine. The Chardonnay will have citrus, pear, lemon, and Pinot Noir will have some strawberry and red fruit character. 

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